Thanks EUREF: We are allowed to stay

Since April 2017 we work now in the office space of the EUREF Campus and work on new ideas, looking for new partners and respond to your questions and requests. It is not self-evident that we are working here in such a great environment and that is why we want to thank everyone for allowing us to stay longer here.

Green Garage

SirPlus Green GarageEverything started with the "Green Garage", in which we were allowed to move in after a successful pitch. This was made possible for us by our friend and partner Climate-KIC, the only cleantech incubator in Germany. The "Green Garage" is a co-working space for start-ups with a high CO2 savings potential. These may use the infrastructure for 18 months to develop. With many interesting coaching sessions, mentoring, advice and available space, Climate-KIC gives us a lot of support and makes us fit for the market. Thank you very much! With that in mind, we look forward to the next 8 months in the Green Garage.


SirPlus Infralab Euref CampusOur team got bigger and thus the first space problems came. Our search did not last long and we were soon allowed into the InfraLab move in. Now our marketing department has its own office where they can now devote themselves to their work. InfraLab Berlin operates the six major infrastructure companies BSR, BVG, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, GASAG, Veolia and a Vattenfall on the EUREF campus right next to the gasometer. The idea is to create a space of thought and work for the further development of visionary ideas for the sustainable city of the future. For 6 months we are now allowed to move into these rooms and would like to thank you here as well. The InfraLab team is very helpful and always having a coffee and a chat. We feel really comfortable here.

First Rett-O-Mat on the EUREF campus

SirPlus Rett-O-MatThe fact that the EUREF campus is an institution for innovation and progress can not be ignored either. We were already able to exchange ideas with many other start ups and have won many friends here on campus. As part of this, we came up with many ideas on how to adequately reciprocate for so much warmth. With the Rett-O-Mat, the first vending machine for rescued food, we want to give our campus employees the opportunity to help us curb food waste. Our snacks and drinks are cheaper than in conventional trade and often certified organic and vegan. The product range extends from sweet and savory nibbles, such as popcorn, chips over cereal bars to ready meals.

First campus delivery service

SirPlus delivery service EUREF campusOn campus, many great ideas are created that are mostly related to a lot of work. The one or the other creative office on campus may not have the time to try our great machines. For this purpose, we came up with the idea of ​​a delivery service for rescuers. You can order rescuers' boxes, organic boxes and snack boxes from us, and we deliver them within the EUREF campus in 15 minutes to your office. Later we will develop further box variations and then offer them on campus.

We hope to get to know even more companies and create a pleasant togetherness. Without the people who fill this campus with life, we would not be as far as we are now, and we want to and we have to thank you for that

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