Caring Friday

🧡Black Friday was yesterday - today is Caring Friday🧡

Black Friday, the day of excessive consumption.
A day people beat themselves about it, the 3. TV, the latest PlayStation and the 20. Get jeans at a bargain price. And companies want to make as much revenue as possible.

At the same time, there are people in this world who are still not getting a hot meal on the table.

That's why we want to use the day to not only save food with you, but to help those who need food the most - including children in Burundi and needy in Berlin.

lycka x Welthungerhilfe x SIRPLUS

Save food and donate 5 school meals to children in Burundi

For Caring Friday (as well as Saturday & Sunday) we would like to cooperate with SIRPLUS lycka and the Welthungerhilfeto do something good for people who need it most.
That's why SIRPLUS donates for you in your name every online order on Caring Friday 5 school meals to the project of lycka and Welthungerhilfe.

Lycka believes like us, in a world without hunger and wants to make a real difference with good products right from the start. That is why they have had their own social project in Burundi, Africa, since its founding in the year 2014 in close cooperation with Welthungerhilfe.

More information about the project of lycka and Welthungerhilfe:

Would you like to help?
With every online order on Caring Friday, you can have 5 school meals for a child in Burundi.

Berlin City Mission x SIRPLUS

Save food and give a warm meal to a person in need!

  1. Above all, save packed food in our coffee, tea, staple food and sweets Savior markets
  2. Put them in our care basket at the cash register
  3. SIRPLUS will supply these foods to the Cold relief of the Berlin City Mission handed over in your name
  4. A needy will get a delicious, warm meal through your donation

In Berlin, about 40.000 people live without housing.
When the cold winter months begin, it is often the hardest time of year for them. Here, the cold relief of the Berlin City Mission provides an invaluable service.
In the emergency accommodation, needy people find a place to sleep, they are offered a hot meal and they can seek medical help.

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