Bread Dinner for the #about Friday

Appreciation instead of throwaway society!

The introduction of the #Abfallfreitag is Berlin's answer to today's throw-away society, limitless consumption and the endless waste of resources. The BSR would like to give a starting signal for an action day, which should be established for the coming years and within the framework of the European Week on Waste Prevention stands. The goal is to encourage all Berliners to reduce the amount of waste with simple ideas and easy-to-implement measures.

With the great support of the Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR) / # trenntmagazin, we paid tribute to the first #Welcome Friday with a very special dinner. One evening we focused on the bread and served an exquisite 5 course meal.

But why now bread? Bread is one of the oldest, most historically significant foods worldwide. In recent years, it has become a cheap disposable product of inferior quality. According to current estimates, baked goods in Germany incur a total loss of about 1,7 million tons per year. That means every fifth baked goods lands in this country today in the trash. This corresponds to the harvest of a field larger than the area of ​​Mallorca.

The three initiators (from right to left) of the dinner evening were Johanna Ernst from the food rescue team SIRPLUS, Cook Sophia Hoffmann and Linda Lezius from the Food Research Lab & Creative Event Agency Wild & Root.

The three women complemented each other wonderfully and conjured together an entertaining evening with incredibly delicious food. Not only did Johanna ensure that enough salvaged food and drinks were available, but also encouraged them to share their thoughts on the best rescuer tips for leftover food. While Linda transformed the bakery into a cozy restaurant with her beautiful decorative elements and her eye for aesthetics. Meanwhile, Sophia took care of the stranded bread and talked about the exciting layers of the bread and refined details about the menu.

And that was to eat:

At first unconventionally waiting on the table crispy bread chips with cauliflower cheeze, Radieschenblätterpesto, radish pickles and fermented hummus. Followed by a Minestra di pane, a bread soup with beans, peppers and dried Mediterranean herbs from the Berlin area. As a third course, the chef Sophia handed out handmade pasta with a filling of smoked eggplant, cumin and roasted breadcrumbs. Afterwards, she skillfully put crispy bread with cooked cereals, spiced with rice koji, braised mini beetroot and pumpkin coleslaw with tahini dressing. Finally, a delicious dessert with spiced bread crumbs, pear and cinnamon compote, pomegranate and chocolate parfait rounded off the evening.

In addition to a big thank you to the BSR, a second big thank you goes to the quaint Bakery endorphina, on Soul Bottles and the wonderful photographer sandrawho perfectly captured the unforgettable atmosphere with her great photos. For us and our fabulous guests it was an unforgettable evening of food appreciation. Many thanks to those involved, we are looking forward to a next time!

Sophia, Linda and Johanna

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