5 reasons why you should do your internship at SirPlus

A report from our intern Aurélie Connan:

"This is the problem with internships: You never know where you will spend several weeks or months, and it was the case when I joined SirPlus as a general assistant, so I'd like to tell you why, in my opinion Do your internship at SirPlus. "

1. You do something meaningful

"If you feel like working for the environment and fighting food waste, then SirPlus is the right company for you, offering so many different internships that there is something for you! Most importantly, you have an environmental awareness you're motivated to use your skills, you'll wake up every day to make the world a little bit better! "

2. Autonomy & Diversity

"At SirPlus, you'll be able to work independently and perform a wide variety of tasks - you're particularly interested in one area - you can discuss your needs with the team, and maybe even develop your own project! At SirPlus, you will become familiar and take on responsibilities."

3. Feedback

"Self-reliance, yes, but you're never alone! You get regular feedback on what's needed to develop yourself, a question or a doubt, and you can contact and talk to your colleagues and team at any time. if you want to learn more and actively contribute to the day-to-day life of the company. "

4. Companies with a human dimension

"SirPlus is not an impersonal company, and you'll get to know all the team members, which not only means you make friends, but also get insight into all departments, which is ideal if you have to decide on your professional or academic direction . "

5. great team

"At SirPlus, you'll be part of a great team! Every day you'll be greeted with smiles and can recharge your batteries for days, and I'm very grateful to the SirPlus team for making my time with them so enjoyable!"

"Long story short, if you want to grow, learn and do something good, you should apply to SirPlus!"

SirPlus and the whole team says: 1000 Thanks for your help, all the best for you!

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