1. Goal achieved! You are the best ♥ Now comes the extension

Our dearest saviorcrowd,

Many thanks for your great and lasting support of our campaign. It gives us so much pleasure to see how many people care about and share our mission. Once again we are overwhelmed by this popularity, which proves to us that there are many more savior markets in Germany! With your energy, we will be able to open the first savior market outside of Berlin and sustainably change Germany with savior markets.

So far, have us 1350 supports wonderful people and allows us to collect money through 81.000 €. It also means that we will donate school meals in Burundi through 1350, together with our partner Welthungerhilfe, We are very happy about that.
This was our first funding target to begin with extensive Savior Market Knowledge Library to create one Hire franchise expertsand expand our storage and logistics capacity. But ours 2. Funding goal to reach, which is at 150.000 €, we have tried with all our great partners and press and media contacts to achieve a high level of attention, we have already done well and will only expand. Since we want to come to all of Germany and of course want to reach all the inhabitants, we still need some time.

Many partners have supported us with great bundles, which came to the end and are still available. Many media have also reported on our campaign to draw much attention to us. However, since 5 weeks are very short for a crowdfunding campaign and the associated media attention, not all reports have been broadcast in time. Since 2 TV reports are still available, we decided to start the campaign together with Startnext until the 5. To extend August to use the range and as close as possible to our 2. Funding goal to get.

This goal allows us the Moving to a larger and more modern warehouse, to be able to save even more food and we can really get started with our franchise concept.
We are offered so many foods every day that we can hardly save anything. Of course we want to change that! In addition, our next big task would be ours Expand IT system and get fit for the franchise concept. As we want to do everything we can to make SIRPLUS a reality across the whole of Germany, we will do everything in the next few weeks to give the campaign a further boost. The goal is to push the franchise with the greatest possible thrust and there you can continue to help us with this.

So we want to ask you to continue supporting our campaign and spreading it around you. Now it is time again to give full throttle for the last few weeks - every contribution counts to bring us closer to you. In order to give you a great pleasure, we now have quite a few Retterbox bundles with our partners Edamama, Denttabs, Hydrophilic, So nice, unicorn, dumplings cult,i + m, stalk, Followfood and Giesen & Forsthoff compiled. So grab it while these exclusive offers are still available.

We will put all our energy into the implementation of our planned delivery of the thank you, so the extension will not be a long wait for you. We will always keep you up to date as soon as possible and your thank-you will be sent to you.

Thank you very much for your support - together we will make a big difference!

Love your Raphael, Jill and the whole SIRPLUS team

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